General rules & Regulations


Weapon rules

  • Visitors will at all times comply with the applicable legislation (both on a national and local level) regarding the carrying and use of weapons. In case of contradiction, said legislation always takes precedence over the present house rules.
  • Instructions: Weapon carriers must instantly comply with every request and/or instruction pertaining to the weapons they carry and/or use, whether issued by a policeman, a fireman and/or another public official, or by Flanders Expo security personnel or one of the organiser’s crew members.
  • Categories: Three categories of weapons are distinguished:


At PixieCon Prohibited Weapons

Working firearms (even if unloaded), neutralised or decommissioned weapons, incendiary weapons, weapons designed exclusively for military use, airsoft weapons, switchblades, jack knives with lock, butterfly knives, throw knives, knuckle dusters, daggers, hunting knives, alarm pistols, firearms that look like something other than a gun, sword canes, gun canes, electroshock weapons, spray cans for ‘self-defence’, nunchakus, throwing stars and silencers. All working firearms, prohibited and permit required weapons by the Belgian Weapons Act shall be confiscated by the police and police report will be prepared.

Authorised Weapons

Objects intended as toys for children up to 14 years old (e.g. a one-tone plastic water pistol); objects that cannot be mistaken for an actual weapon (e.g. a light sabre from Star Wars or a phaser from Star Trek); swords and sabres not listed under “At PixieCon Prohibited Weapons”.

Carrying authorised weapons inside the halls of the Brabanthal is allowed during PixieCon. However, it is prohibited to take these weapons outside. On your way to and from the Brabanthal, authorised weapons must be kept in a sealed packaging at all times (e.g. a closed sports bag). It is also prohibited at all times to use the authorised weapons in a threatening and/or otherwise dangerous way inside the halls or on the premises of the Brabanthal. Abandoned authorised weapons will be confiscated.

Stage Weapons

Fake weapons that do not fall under the ‘Prohibited Weapons’ category but that can neither be considered ‘Authorised Weapons’ (e.g. a decommissioned weapon that looks like a weapon from Stargate) can only be used on stage (e.g. for the cosplay competition) or in a closed-o area of the fan village.
Stage weapons can only be used on stage and are also allowed at a stand in the cosplay zone insofar as the latter is not accessible to the public, but they are banned from the rest of the convention. On your way to and from the Brabanthal, stage weapons must be kept in a sealed packaging at all times (e.g. a closed sports bag). Stage weapons must be stored out of sight when the owner is neither on stage nor physically present at the closed stand. It is also prohibited at all times to use stage weapons in a threatening and/or otherwise dangerous way inside the halls or on the premises of the Brabanthal. Abandoned stage weapons will be confiscated.

If you are unsure as to the category your weapon belongs to, please say so at the box office and you will be referred to the appropriate person at the Entrance. The weapon must not be removed from its sealed packaging until this person has told you to which category your weapon belongs.

The following weapons are considered prohibited weapons:

  • Anti-personnel mines, booby traps and similar mechanisms, and blinding laser weapons;
  • Fire Weapons;
  • Weapons designed exclusively for military use, including automatic firearms, launching gear, artillery pieces, rockets, weapons that make use of other types of radiation than those intended under 1 °, ammunition that is designed specifically for those weapons, bombs, torpedoes and grenades
  • Submunitions;
  • Switchblade- or flick knives with lock, butterfly knives, brass knuckles and similar weapons that resemble another object in appearance
  • Sword canes and rifle canes that are not historic ornamental weapons;
  • Clubs and batons;
  • Firearms whose butt or barrel can be disassembled into several parts firearms manufactured or altered in such a way that its wearing is not or less visible or that their technical characteristics no longer correspond to those of the model specified in the permit of possession and firearms resembling anything other than a weapon;
  • Portable vehicles that can render a person defenseless by the use of electric shocks or can inflict pain, with the exception of medical or veterinary devices;
  • Objects intended to strike a person with toxic, asphyxiating, tear- and similar substances, with the exception of medical devices;
  • Folded guns above caliber 20;
  • Throwing Knives;
  • Nunchaku’s
  • Throwing stars;
  • Firearms equipped with the following components and accessories, as well as the following components and accessories separately: – Silencers; – Chargers with a larger capacity than the normal capacity as determined by the Minister of Justice for a particular firearm model; – Targeting equipment for firearms, which projects a beam on the target and night vision goggles; – Mechanisms that allow firearms to be transformed into automatic firearms;
  • By the Ministers of Justice and of Home affairs designated gear, weapons and ammunition that could form a new and serious threat to public security and arms and ammunition which for that reason, only the services referred to in Article 27 § 1, second and third paragraphs, are allowed to possess;
  • Objects and substances not designed as weapons but which, given the concrete circumstances, it is clear that the one holding, wearing or carrying them, wishes to use them to inflict bodily harm or to threaten people.
  • Inert ammunition and armor containing depleted uranium or any other industrial uranium. Law of May 11, 2007, effective date: 20-06-2009